Recruitment Privacy Notice

If my application is not successful, I agree that Choco Communications GmbH stores my personal information that I have shared in the context of the entire application process (for example, cover letter, resume, references, candidate questionnaires, candidate interviews), also after the end of this application process. It will be collected and used to possibly contact me later and continue the application process, if I should be considered for another post. If my cover letter or other documents submitted contain "sensitive personal data" according to § 3 para. 9 BDSG (e. g. a photo that reveals ethnic origin, information on severe disability, etc.), my consent also refers to this data. However, Choco Communications GmbH wants to hire applicants based only on their qualification and therefore asks to refrain from disclosing such information in the application as far as possible. This consent also applies to information about my qualifications and activities from publicly accessible data sources (in particular professional social networks) that were collected legitimately by Choco Communications GmbH in the application process. This consent is voluntary and does not affect my chances in the current application process. I can refuse to give it without giving any reason, without me having reason to fear retribution. I can withdraw my consent at any time by e-mail; in this case, my data will be deleted immediately after completion of the application process.

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